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Zebras defile football Gods

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 02•24

Could the egregious non pass interference call in the 2015 wild card game with the Dallas Cowboys with the Lions be surpassed? Rising to the challenge, the referees snatched victory from the maws of the Detroit Lions with a combo of cockamamie penalties. Compounding the refs absurd explanation was video highlighting the exact opposite.

Ask yourself, was this a deliberate, preemptive move to avoid tarnishing the half time anointment of preeminent coach J. Johnson to Cowboy Sainthood? Guilt by association is potentially possible.

Rest assured the Gods of football do not take kindly to folly of this kind and future retribution is allocated. As poet Longfellow translated from the ancient Greeks, “The mill of the gods grind slow but exceeding fine”. No amount of indulgences can buy J. Jones’s Dallas Cowboys out of this self induced coincidence.

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