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And the ‘curse’ continues

Gentle Lion’s fans, First a look at the game. A quick review of the overall stats would seem to give you the impression that the Lions outplayed the Ravens and won the game. However, remember the 2-3 dropped ‘gimmie’ passes the Raven receivers committed early in the game? Gifts to the Detroit defense who struggled […]

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No vaccine for Lion’s fans, only warts and zits

Gentle Lion’s fans, Yes this is truly another year of rebuilding. Nothing to see here so move along and stock up on Tums antacid tablets. Monday night was truly reminiscent of any prior 63 years. Blast out of the starting blocks looking good and then retreat back to past form. Start out by killing a […]

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Welcome to our 64th year of rebuilding!

Gentle Lion’s fans, Nothing like the feel of smashing your fingers with a hammer to remind you that being a Detroit Lion’s fan is not for the weak or feeble. Ok, I’ll concede ‘febble minded’. Opening day’s game with the 49ers validated that our “Silver Sieve” defense was fully migrated intact from last season. Consistency […]

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