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And the ‘curse’ continues

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 27•21

Gentle Lion’s fans,

First a look at the game. A quick review of the overall stats would seem to give you the impression that the Lions outplayed the Ravens and won the game. However, remember the 2-3 dropped ‘gimmie’ passes the Raven receivers committed early in the game? Gifts to the Detroit defense who struggled the entire game. Wide open receivers made for easy targets for Jackson. Fourth down calls were not controversial in my opinion.

What drives me nuts is the ‘prevent’ defense. You cannot stop the passing game by a ‘running’ QB so why not give him more time to pass or run the ball as an option. And, Detroit made its usual quota of penalties most effectively to each critical situation.

Now on the big ‘bug-a-boo’. Go back into history in 1970 when Dempsey kicked a record setting 63 yr field goal to defeat the Lions. Fast forward to the playoff game with Dallas when a penalty flag was picked up on a genuine ‘pass interference’ call. Videos of this call are probably used as part of an NFL referee training film on what ‘classic’ pass interference looks like. Moving forward, remember the invention of the famous “Calvin Johnson” ‘catch’ rule that sealed the Lion’s fate in another critical situation.

And, for all the non believers, we have a record setting 66 yd field goal executed after what appears to be kicked 2 seconds beyond the expatriation of time which should have been a delay of game penalty. Who knows, could have saved the Lions from the ignominy of having a 71 yd field goal kicked against them to ensure another loss.

It appears the “curse” permanently resides in Detroit City and does not transfer with players as a contagion. Those that watched our alumni M. Stafford manhandle Tampa into submission saw proof he was not contaminated.


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