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Welcome to our 64th year of rebuilding!

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 13•21

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Nothing like the feel of smashing your fingers with a hammer to remind you that being a Detroit Lion’s fan is not for the weak or feeble. Ok, I’ll concede ‘febble minded’. Opening day’s game with the 49ers validated that our “Silver Sieve” defense was fully migrated intact from last season. Consistency is so reassuring.

Don’t be deceived by the final score or the stats. This game was over at half time. San Frans ‘prevent’ defense made the games’ last half ‘entertaining’. Nothing you saw was of any significance with the possible exception of a glimmer of a Lion’s run game. Still way to early to bank on.

Same ole grimace on the new coaches face after every failure to execute on defense. Well, next week we will find out if A. Rogers has really ‘flamed out’ or the just had a bad day. Get ready for the usual barrage of platitudes and commitments to rectify last weeks’ folly of a game. Don’t expect to hear from the new ‘Crown Princess’ of the Ford family any time soon.

For any who had the opportunity to see any of the LA/Bears game, our old QB alum had a great day. Good to see him smiling from the sidelines and not from the bottom of a ‘sack’ pile. We look forward to retribution day on October 24, 2021.

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