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No vaccine for Lion’s fans, only warts and zits

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 24•21

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Yes this is truly another year of rebuilding. Nothing to see here so move along and stock up on Tums antacid tablets. Monday night was truly reminiscent of any prior 63 years. Blast out of the starting blocks looking good and then retreat back to past form. Start out by killing a momentum drive with two stupid penalties. Downhill from that point on. Overall stats are deceiving.

Add turnovers and fumbles into the game mix and it’s all over but the shouting. Goff has got to forget about those heroic passes when he is being pummeled into the ground. Lion’s inept defense made for easy pickings for A. Rodgers. Bottom line is that Green Bay made their offensive gains count compared to the Lions. As an aside, Hockenson may be the next wasted talent for the Lions to squander.

The upcoming game with Baltimore is going to be really brutal to watch. Keep you ‘adult beverages’ close at hand.


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