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More gifts from Atlanta and Lady Luck

Wow.  What else describes the Lion’s game in London.  First we must graciously acknowledge the ‘gifts’ from the Atlanta Falcons.  Almost to many to mention but the last two minutes deserve star accolades.  Lousy time management of the clock and the stupid penalties  Matt Ryan’s team mates rise to the top of the heap. Now […]

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Christmas comes early

The Lions are personally indebted to the Saints and referees for the early Christmas gifts in Sunday’s game.  The ‘pass interference’ call on 4th down was truly a gift.  And then, D. Brees avoiding a sack by putting the ball in play for an easy interception was unfathomable  and  beyond comprehension.  Some kind of ‘Brain […]

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Here we are again!

Fellow fans, Well, here we go again.  Last week’s game had to be one of the most boring I can remember.  The minute Henry missed the first field goal, the final sore was never in doubt.  Lose it by 3 points on a last second field goal by the opposition.  Six points by the offence […]

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