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More gifts from Atlanta and Lady Luck

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 26•14

Wow.  What else describes the Lion’s game in London.  First we must graciously acknowledge the ‘gifts’ from the Atlanta Falcons.  Almost to many to mention but the last two minutes deserve star accolades.  Lousy time management of the clock and the stupid penalties  Matt Ryan’s team mates rise to the top of the heap. Now on to some serious ‘stuff’.

No team can continue to ‘spot’ their opponents 21 points in the first half and expect to be in play-off contention.  And again, where was our vaunted defence during the first half of play.  A weak Atlanta offensive line sure looked good the first half.  Also a big ‘thank you’ to Seattle for G. Tate.  He and C. Johnson have the potential not seen in a Lion’s line-up in many years.

Now onto ‘Lady Luck”.  She can be a fickle consort and go from ‘belle of the ball’ to miserable ‘b—-h’ in the blink of an eye.  When wins come on a silver plater you take them but do not confuse ‘luck’ with genuine consistent performance.  Wait and see is the watch-word attitude for the rest of the season.  We’ve been down this path before.


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