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Only the Lions

Blessedly, I only saw the ‘screwed-up’ punt returned for a Green Bay touchdown before boarding a three hour plane flight.  Saved a lot of consternation and agony.  Our boys in Honolulu blue trotted out almost every conceivable mistake possible in pro football.   The ‘Coup De Gras’ was Suh’s apparent flagrant stomping of Rodger’s leg.  […]

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Get ready for dashed hopes

Fortunately I was unable to see the last two games live on television.  Forced to wait for update ‘tweets’ and instant updates on the internet were much less stressful than watching the games ‘live’.  However, the summary for both games is that for two teams that should have been handily defeated were allowed to look […]

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easy pickings

Well, well, guess who showed up?  Yep, almost all the parts arrived on time.  Even with J. Bell’s break-a-way run, the running game was less than noteworthy.  Penalties still were nine to many.  Suh needs to forget about the fore arm to the quarterback’s head move.  This one will cost him some $$$.  Next week’s […]

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