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How low can you go?

The answer will be displayed in the final Green Bay game. For the Viking’s game you needed a “barf bag” compliments of the airlines. Fortunately, I only saw bits and pieces of the game due to a travel schedule and that was more than enough. Review of the game statistics drove home the picture of […]

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Same ole, same ole

Gentle Lion’s fans, Finally the hopes and dreams of another season of disappointment are relegated to the trash heap of expectations. Yes, there are still two games remaining for current players to demonstrate their worth for another year’s employment. Nothing else left but hype and bloviating about our upcoming 63rd year of rebuilding. This game […]

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How boring but still a win

Gentle Lion’s fans, The blog was “dark” for two weeks.  Thanksgiving’s game caused so much gastric re flux that it could not be put into words.  No TV availability last week prohibited meaningful commentary.  However, this weeks game against the Cardinals was just plain boring.  Just what you would expect from two out of contention […]

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