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How boring but still a win

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 09•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

The blog was “dark” for two weeks.  Thanksgiving’s game caused so much gastric re flux that it could not be put into words.  No TV availability last week prohibited meaningful commentary.

 However, this weeks game against the Cardinals was just plain boring.  Just what you would expect from two out of contention teams.  Watching, if not on mute, or listening on the radio was like withstanding an assault of bad tasting leftovers on the third day.  Appeared obvious that Stafford was not 100%.  Rest assured the remaining games will be just as bland, win or lose.

Listening via radio it was interesting to hear Lomas criticise the offensive plan during the second half.  Refreshing but probably a “no,no”.   Zenner is a reasonable speciality asset but his final minutes drive was way above his pay grade.  Speaking of which, Blount should fade way into retirement at seasons’ end.

Get ready for the siren song and fuselage of ‘rebuilding BS’ for the rest of the season.  Maybe, Santa will contribute to our 62nd year of rebuilding.      


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