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Christmas comes early

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 21•14

The Lions are personally indebted to the Saints and referees for the early Christmas gifts in Sunday’s game.  The ‘pass interference’ call on 4th down was truly a gift.  And then, D. Brees avoiding a sack by putting the ball in play for an easy interception was unfathomable  and  beyond comprehension.  Some kind of ‘Brain Fart’ is the only plausible explanation.

Oh by the way, our vaunted defence only allowed 400yds of offence by New Orleans. Stupid penalties arrived on schedule at inopportune times as usual.  At least Suh played a civilized game.

Golden Tate was a Lion’s bright spot in an otherwise dull game until the last few minutes.  Maybe, just maybe, when C. Johnson returns the Lion’s pass threat will be more than a one player act.  It also could allow R. Bush to be more productive.  Stafford needs to permanently upgrade to his version 2.0 and banish version 1.0 to the dustbin.

Even with everyone up and running, the secondary is still the Lion’s ‘Achilles heal’.  Our latest ‘kicker’ almost earned a one way ticket back to oblivion.  Give him a pass for a case of the ‘jitters’ and hope for the best.

Maybe a 11-5 record is as feasible as an 8-8 season.  Only time will tell.  Just remember, we’ve all been here before and have a fan’s duty to remain sceptical.








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