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Here we are again!

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 11•14

Fellow fans,

Well, here we go again.  Last week’s game had to be one of the most boring I can remember.  The minute Henry missed the first field goal, the final sore was never in doubt.  Lose it by 3 points on a last second field goal by the opposition.  Six points by the offence was pitiful.  Now we can ‘roll-out’ the excuses.  Some valid, some smoke screen.  Stafford 1.0 showed up for the game.  I’m not sure the lack of R. Bush made any difference in the outcome. Is there no one else on offence who can catch a pass beside C. Johnson?   At least D. Suh did not acquire any really stupid penalties but some of his team mates ‘stepped-up’ to take up the slack.

Ask yourself, why would you risk your franchise player aggravating an iffy healed injury?  Are we that desperate?  Also, aside from the interception and run-back for a TD,  pass defence was same as always, porous.

Fellow fans, gird your loins for a long and ignominious season.  More of the same with intermittent flashes of performance but a final outcome of an eight and eight season.  Oh well, upward and onward to our 59th year of rebuilding.



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