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Guess who showed up?

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 28•14

Well boys and girls, the “A” version of the Detroit Lions showed up on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.  Keep in mind that da Bears are not exactly a contending team this year.  I had a strange case of deja vu early in the game when the 14-3 score favoured Chicago.  Enjoy the euphoria while it lasts but be aware that the merciless thing called reality is lurking out there somewhere close by.  Also, did you notice the Lion’s only had 5 penalties?  Two of which resulted in 1st downs.

Hats off to C. Johnson, J. Bell, G. Tate and others who caught passes and made good yardage runs when needed.  Stafford was definitely “on” this game.  A season of 11-5 is definitely in the Lion’s grasp.  Don’t disappoint us guys.  Getting beat by an opponent is one thing but self immolation is still the “boggy man” in the closet based on Lion’s history.


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