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Another valiant effort-again

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 17•18

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Here we go again. The ‘almost’ comeback after allowing the competition to forge a substantial lead. As stated before, pro football is a four quarter game. The Lion’s managed to ‘gift’ the 49ers ‘out a hole’ at every critical time. Stupid penalties were the offence champion of choice every time. Sarcasm intended. Predictions of a 9-7 season look very optimistic at this juncture.

Hey guys, forget ‘stripping’ the ball from the ball carrier or receiver and put his posterior on the ground. Arm tackling is not going to ‘cut it’. And yes the ‘run’ game is still being incubated. I’ve got my brown paper sack readily available for use next to the TV for the next game. The three games before the ‘bye’ week will be brutal and satisfying to any masochistic. Oh look, that depicts a Detroit Lion’s fan.


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