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Lion’s Turkey 2-furs

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 28•21

The Cleveland game was a harbinger of things to come for Thanksgiving day. In Cleveland, the LIon’s ‘Silver Sieve’ defense only granted 368 yards of offense to the Browns. Accomplishing this feat only required the Browns to run 66 plays from scrimmage and be ‘gifted’ 82 penalty yards compliments of the Lions.

Yes, Detroit’s Swift had a good day but Cleveland’s Chubb ‘ate up’ the Lion’s defense. Outcome no surprise.

Now on to the Turkey day. Ever inventive, the Lions managed to commit penalties rarely if ever seen. Twelve men on the field for Chicago’s PAT. Proving that incident was not a ‘fluke’ why not call illegal ‘back to back’ time-outs’?

However, with a slim chance to win the game, why not allow the Bears to methodically march down to field to score the wining field goal. And, the Lion’s graciously committed several ‘holding penalties’ as ongoing dedication toward the march to an 0-16-1 record.

Whatever derision earned by the Lion’s recent ‘Turkey Day’s performances was cemented on a national scale.

Forever upward and onward to our ‘next’ year of rebuilding.


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