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Fun to watch but of no consequence

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 27•15

Looks like the ‘boys’ had some fun today. Somehow the 49ers stole the ‘timely stupid penalty’ play book from the Lion’s locker room. Hats off to ‘brick hands’ Ebron for hanging onto passes thrown in his direction. Whatever effected Calvin seems to be wearing off. To bad he missed the one ‘circus catch’. Would have been like old times.

Be not deceived and remember statistically the 49ers are not much better/worse than the Lions. Barring unknowns the Lion’s could ‘squeak’ out a win against the Bears. Win or lose it will not amount to a ‘hill of beans’ in the upcoming ‘big picture’ of changes after seasons’ end.

Don’t be lulled into euphoria. Spend your ‘loot’ on wine, women and song instead of saving for 2016 playoff tickets. Our 58th year of rebuilding is at hand.

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