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Welcome aboard the 64th rebuilding train.

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 10•20

Key indicators in the last two games stand out like a bad case of herpes! In the Colt’s game it was time of possession and in the recent Viking’s game it was the lopsided ratio of the ‘running game’. In the Colt’s game, defense deficiencies set aside, you cannot reasonably expect your defense to be on the field almost twice as long as an opponents. This week the Vikings exploited Detroit’s fabulous ‘Silver Sieve’ defense at will.

Ok, what’s the answer. Consider the premises put forth beginning with the establishment of the current regime. First, a skilled, superb General Manager knew how to put together a winning team. Secondly, we mated a head coach revered as a defensive genius. This had to be a match made in pro football heaven.

Several years later, here we are again back at another ‘new beginning’. All the platitudes, excuses and alibis are way past ‘use by’ dates. One can conclude that the ‘powers to be’ ie owners either don’t understand winning or couldn’t care less as long as the money rolls in. Or the owner leader ship is completely inept in staffing senior team leadership.

Our Detroit Lions have “burned” through enough raw talent to have produced at least a better than average team performance and are in the final stages of squandering a very good quarterback. Will someone please wake up and smell the roses! The creation of a “Pitty” fan base is on the immediate horizon with implicit financial impacts.

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