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“Crying time again”

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 04•20

After last weeks’ anomaly, IE a win, our beloved Lions returned to form. Firstly, concede that New Orleans is a good team. But from there our 63rd year of rebuilding is a complete and utter bust. What you ask leads to the defeat? Consider all the stats impacting the game:time of possession, third down conversions, first downs generated, total net game yards, net rushing yards, and completed passing percentage.

Bottom line, the defense, if that is the correct definition, only gave up 35 points and nearly 400 yds of offence. The only game element to change was a modest ground game sponsored by A. Peterson. Other than that “HO HUM” prevailed. Why do fans have to endure this ongoing dismal deception with the same coaching staff? Historical president exits to ‘change horses’ mid season and get on with life.

Season after season Lion’s fans have been subjected to a stream of cruel creativity in: how not to win, how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, how to allow winning opportunities to just slip away, how to allow sloppy discipline determine outcomes, how to waste superior talent for entire careers, and have an ongoing ownership display indifference as long as the revenue flows in the right direction.

Our anticipated 64th year of rebuilding stands as rock solid evidence of the fore listed assertions.

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