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Do not be deceived!

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 20•20

The last two week have been great. The Lion’s did not lose during the ‘bye’ week and won against a terrible team last Sunday. Lion’s history is replete with multiple versions of this scenario through out our 63 years of rebuilding. At this juncture of the season it would be masochistic to even allow a tiny bubble of ‘hope’ to materialize out of NFL thin air. Been there, done that and will hold out for a contiguous demonstration of winning results.

As far as the Jacksonville game, there were a few moments to savor. Offensive line provided some running lanes, passing was spread around, and time of possession was favorable. On the other side of the equation, 3rd down execution was mediocre, Prater missed what should have been for him a ‘gimme’, and Stafford still appears a little ‘off’ in his passing execution.

All the little things will make a significant difference when a higher caliber opponent is on the schedule. Keep your powder dry because you may need it to cauterize self inflected wounds the Detroit Lion’s are prone to cause sooner than later as history recounts.

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