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Ugly is as Ugly does-apology to F. Gump

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 28•15

First the good.  Stafford did not get carried off the field in the ‘cart’.  All the rest was just ugly.

How about that running game with 19 carries for a whopping net of 28 yards.  Stafford had to be quick on the pass release in order to avoid being impaled by Denver’s defence.  No results from the accumulated passing yardage to speak of.  Erringly similar to the last game, the offensive line was in the “Silver Sieve” mode of operation.

The Detroit Lions must hold the record for being the most charitable team in the league.  Who else will generously create a penalty for a second chance field goal or a fresh set of downs in the red zone?  Speaking of the defence, did you notice that the “old man Manning” only managed to throw for 324 yards and complete passes when it counted?  We can write off the overloaded line rush on a punt as a “brain fart” by the Lion’s secondary.

A favourable outlook for the season is now in the rear view mirror.  Expect a massacre next week in Seattle.  It’s not premature to start planning the seasons’ funeral.  Die hard Lion’s fan, masochist that we are,  can start fantasizing about our 59th year of rebuilding.



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