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De Javu all over again

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 14•15

After the first 21 points you could sense the ‘ghost’ of seasons past.  Then things began to fall into place.  The first was the ‘stupid’ encroachment penalty giving San Diego an automatic first down and subsequent touchdown.  From then on it was “downhill” in a hurry for the defense.     Stand back and watch San Diego score a ‘shit load’ of unanswered points.

We knew the pass defense was suspect but this performance was despicable.  And C. Johnson was totally absent from the offense.  If pass coverage was that tight with double coverage, who the hell was open?

Maybe this week was a ‘fluke’ but it could be the start of another ‘Nightmare in the Motor City’.   Do the Lion’s have any ‘killer instinct’?  It did not show up in San Diego.

Setting aside the final score, the stats tell the ‘real’ story.  It’s to early to concentrate on our 59th year of rebuilding but the ghostly apparition of Bobby Lane’s famous curse is in the air.







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