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Escaping from the ‘jaws of defeat’ Lion’s style

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 15•15

You had to see this game to believe it.  Green Bay stunk up the place and actually made the Lions look semi competitive.  When is the last time you remember Lambeau field fans boo the Packers?  Creative and inventive in finding new ways to give the opposing team ‘another chance, another chance and another chance’ the Lions excelled.  How do you miss two PATs?  How about the critical ‘roughing the passer’ penalty that gave the Packers ‘another chance’.  And, who could have possibly imagined Green Bay would try an ‘on-side’ kick off and recover the ball?   Who would have thought the Packers would march down the field for a last second field goal attempt to win the game?

A high point was that Stafford was not pummelled into the ground for a change.  How about that spectacular(sic) running game?  Also, someone please send the referees a bouquet of roses for all the non defensive holding calls on the Lions on multiple pass plays.  Stafford or the coaching staff receives kudos for spreading the passing attempts between receivers.  “Brick Hands” Ebron was less than terrible this game.

Be not deceived gentle Lion’s fans, “Lady Luck” is a fickle shrew and her continence, based on the Lion’s history, will not likely be repeated this season.

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