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Ragged, but it was a win

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 23•15

You can’t win ‘big’ games by kicking field goals.  Scoring touchdowns when the opportunity presents itself is crucial.  When “Brick Hands” Ebron dropped a sure touchdown pass I feared the worst outcome.

Whether it was the combination of Lion’s play calling, key defensive stops, or an inept play by Oakland we’ll take the win.  Stafford did not make any real ‘desperate’ passing decisions and the running backs held onto the ball.  Resulting in no fumbles and no interceptions.  Great to see the passing game spread across lots of receivers including the backs again.

Before you store away the “Tums”, wait for a few repeat performances the rest of the season.  The Lions have a roller coaster history that included games like this before.  A glimmer of hope is justified with a guarded dose of historical reality.

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