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“God saved the Queen” but forgot about the Lions

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 01•15

Just when you think you have seen it all.  The stench spanned the Atlantic ocean all the way back to Detroit.  Ray Charles could have directed the KC offence and still won the game by 45 points.  Up until the 4th quarter your punter was Detroit’s most effective weapon.  After the opening drive resulted in a field goal, hope against hope, you new in your gut that another debacle was in the making.  Not hard to notice but KC’s quarter back was running for significant yardage as apposed to running for his life.

The Lions sprinkled in a few of the usual critical dropped passes accompanied by their standard penchant for timely stupid penalties and ‘presto’ another Lion’s classic loss.  Even the TV sports commentators ran out of superlatives to describe the Lion’s ineptness.  Maybe this culminates the end of the pitiful fall from respectability and the recent changes will ‘kick in’ and show some positive effects for the rest of the season.

If not, the glorious 59th year of rebuilding can start materializing with a revamped team roster, coaching staff and management.  We bid Caldwell and Mayhew a fond adieu as Caldwell migrates into the Lion’s ‘graveyard’ of failed coaches.

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