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We’ll take the win but no jubilation just yet

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 02•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,
Three positive perceptions and one negative from Sunday’s game. Time of possession was very good. Fair running game displayed. Stafford passed to eight different receivers. Official’s perceptions went the Lions way on two possible pass interference calls late in the game. One was clearly missed and the second a toss up. Clear case of ‘luck’ over passing defense skill.

Teams on the rest of the schedule will note that keeping Stafford ‘bottled’ up in the pocket is an effective strategy against his deep pass threat. Could be an indictment of the Lion’s offensive line or the Viking’s talented defensive line rush. Also, an appearance of predictability to not pass on first down is open for some consideration. Detroit still gave away net 50 yards of penalties vs Vikings.

I’m not quite ready to leave the fortified bunker of memories from prior seasons’ performances just yet. And yes my overall NFL viewing time is absolutely minimized because I want to watch and enjoy a football game without dilution by political posturing. This also extends to the obnoxious so called end zone celebrations. Auto ejection would cure that disease quickly.

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