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Dramatic show of what?

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 30•17

Gentle Lion’s fan,

As you have discovered by now, screaming at the TV does not alter our Lion’s execution. Harbinger of things to come arrived almost immediately when ‘brick hands’ Ebron dropped a pass from Stafford that unfortunately hit him in the hands. Amassing 480 yards of offence and yielding 5 field goals is an astonishing accomplishment for a sand lot performance. Actually, the Lions had seven scoring opportunities. Enter the usual mistakes, tepid play calling, dropped passes and wallah another entry into the “L” column. Seventeen percent third down efficiency is terrible.

Based on the Lion’s history we can expect a valiant resurgent during the rest of the season that will amount to naught. Another “close but no cigar” accomplishment. Stay tuned for a melody of excuses, scapegoats, injuries, trades and recriminations. Question remains as to who will be sacrificially thrown under the bus to justify entry into our 60th year of rebuilding? Hold off for a few more dismal performances and Lion’s paraphernalia at Sam’s Club will by BOGO (buy get one free).

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