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Lion’s meet reality

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 08•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,

This game was painful to watch. First off, the offensive line execution put Stafford’s life in jeopardy. In case you missed recent events, he was signed for ‘BIG’ money as a franchise QB. Must give some credit to the Panthers defensive line and secondary. They kept Stafford bottled up and Lion’s pass receivers well covered. And yes, stadium fans finally had enough of Ebron’s ‘brick hands’ performance. Carolina’s ‘big/tall’ folks took full advantage of the Lion’s defensive secondary. Newton had significant time to find alternate pass receivers in spite of initial good defensive coverage by the Lions. Time of possession and net offensive yards by Carolina sums up why the final score was not really as close as perceived at first glance. The Panthers also ‘donated’ an extra 90 yards of penalties to the Lions.

This game was probably a prescient preview of games to come. Stay strong gentle Lion’s fans, year 60 of rebuilding is just around the corner.

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