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Spirited loss-surprise?

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 26•21

Gentle Lion’s fans,

We saw some affirmations, both positive and negative, of preconceived notions. Foremost is that Goff is no Stafford. Goff failed to execute when most needed. Stats support that our Lion’s secondary pass defense is woefully inadequate. LAR offense was 87% passing. On a few carries by Swift, their were some ‘Barry’ moves of days long gone. The game plan with special team’s ‘wrinkles’ added some ‘spice’ to a game with a destined conclusion.

Based on post game commentaries by a wide array of pundits, Goff is now the official reason for the Lion’s 0-7 record. Your supposed to suspend belief the the same array of players could have executed miraculously under Stafford. Yep, just another trade characterized as ‘two in the bush is worth more that one bird in hand’. And, wallah were officially into our 65th year of rebuilding. What if LAR finish at or near the ‘top of the heap’ for the next two seasons? How far down in the draft picking order will two #1 picks be really worth? Not to misconstrue, Stafford deserved the chance to play with a full “deck” of supporting talent considering how much longevity he has left. George Bland he is not to quote “Yoda”.

The Lions may manage to win a few games during the rest of the season and avoid the coveted ‘trophy’ of two windless seasons in modern day NFL history.

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