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Groundhog season is upon us!

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 06•21

Gentle Lion’s fans,

After four games into the season, this scenario should be blatantly familiar. Only item missing is a ‘sacrificial lamb’ who was exiled to the west coast.

What have we seen that is new? Well, an innovative way to fumble was superbly executed when a unexpected snap from center ricocheted off the QB into the arms of an opposing lineman. Goeff wishes he could have a redo on a few errant passes. Failure to score in the red zone is old hat for the Lions. And, not to beat a ‘dead horse’, the Lion’s secondary is mediocre at best.

After the upcoming Minnesota game the Lions have a splendid opportunity to gain a solid grip on last place in all of the NFL standings. However, all the prior 63 years of rebuilding have so calloused us fans that failure is our lot and place in football fandom.

Let’s hope that coach Dan Campbell has enough fortitude and toughness to survive until the seasons’ injury situation rectifies itself and in future seasons, draft choices can help rescue the franchise. Countless other teams have done the “Phoenix” thing in less that 64 seasons.


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