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Seizure of defeat from jaws of victory-again

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 14•21

Humpty Dumpty is still broken with no chance of reassembly this season. “Silver Sieve” defense is alive and well. Additional key player injures enhance an outlook of a truly dismal season beyond the first five games. Fans will be treated to derision as permanent keepers of the “doormat” of NFL teams.

So far we’ve been surprised by a coaching staff willing to eschew 64 years of Lion’s tradition by not taking risks on 4th down situations. However, when the secondary defense is performance deficient, why is it sane to give even a mediocre opposing QB more time to execute critical passes?

By now the lack of scoring from within the ‘red zone’ is an accepted fact. Faith in a run game is only valid if it works when needed. More of the ‘same’ is the most we can look forward for the rest of this season.

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