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Ineffectual Bears rises above the ineffective Lions

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 02•16

Wow, where to start. First, condolence to all of you who watched the entire game. One can assume three pathetic routine plays have cemented themselves into the Lion’s playbook. First we have the ‘don’t get called on a stupid penalty unless it materially effects the games’ outcome’. Second, drop all passes that can potentially create gains for a new set of down. Third, all receivers may optionally disregard the designed pass pattern as defined by the play called by the quarterback.

Eric Ebron should have his agent update his resume because his time has come and gone. What a ‘bonehead’ demonstration by giving up on a play before the referee whistles the play dead. Was he wandering off to offer contrition to the coaching staff?

Discipline and spine are going to be the differences between a seasonal outcome of 8/8 vs 6/10. The time for platitudes and excuses has expired even if it is only four games into the season. It’s one thing to be defeated but significantly better that aiding in your own defeat. With apologies to the ‘bard’, “a loss by any other name is still a loss”.

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