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Reality-Detroit Lion’s version

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 31•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Well, now it’s all out in the open for all to see. The Lion’s defense is found lacking both against the run and the passing attack. This weeks’ game highlighted the futility of Detroit’s run defense and offensive running ability. Just look at the running ‘stats’ on both sides of the ball. Third down conversion efficiency “stunk”. B. Osweiler’s limited skills in passing were offset by multiple tight end completions in the first half. E. Ebron, take note of how they consistently caught the ball.

If ‘passing’ is your only effective weapon, why try run wide sweeps or three times up the middle? To answer the question, Stafford needs time for downfield patterns to develop or has to rely on short ‘dunk’ passes assuming of course receivers can hang onto the ball. Only scoring a field goal in either games’ half against an average opponents defense is not going to make for a winning season.

Now to the “adult beverage” moment. No, not the ‘red flag’ judgement call, but the infamous on-side kick-off attempt. Maybe you wanted to avoid the “slow” version of’throwing the defense under the bus’ or just wanted to get to the “hell out of dodge” and take the express route by bypassing a chance of defensive redemption, Mission accomplished coach.

A quick glance at the remaining schedule offers no reasons for optimism. Yes, Stafford my provide some moments of heroics but our destiny is in our 59th year of rebuilding and another coach into Detroit’s graveyard of coaches.

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