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Another weird Lion’s game

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 23•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Not trusting my memory, I took three pages of notes during the game. Yes, the men in Honolulu blue won but how they got there is up for debate. The brightest spot was Stafford. Others had their moments such as Jones and Tate. A 3-3 tie at the half can be easily misconstrued as a classic defensive battle when it reality it was just the result of the usual dropped passes by each team and Washington’s fumble at the goal line. Do you remember the last time you saw a ricochet off the top of the goal post on a field goal try?

Detroit’s running statistics without Stafford’s scramble, are still bad. Giving your opponent 7 more first downs than you make is troublesome. K.Cousins managed to pass for 300 yards. A lot of Washington’s successful passes were into the center of the Lion’s defensive secondary.

Our beloved Detroit Lion’s need to put all the pieces together, with or without injuries, for the rest of the season and be consistent for both halves of the game if they expect to compete for a playoff position. Consistency includes catching well thrown passes, finding an effective running game, designing a secondary defense that can throttle a passing quarterback, commit minimal ‘stupid’ stupid penalties and prevent physical destruction of an excellent quarterback.

As my brother-in-law has said on numerous occasions, “Watching a Lion’s game is always easier when consumption of alcohol is involved”. Just remember, “beer googles” do not change the games’ outcome.

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