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Thank you Eagles for the ‘gifts’!

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 09•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Game recap: score big points in the first half, then do practically nothing on offence until the Eagles give you a gift allowing you to win the game. Second half produced three possession with three and out. Just for novelty sake, let’s try to put two half’s of a game with the same result. But that would eliminate all the suspense of the ‘heroic’ comeback try or agony of a ‘failed’ defensive stop. Sounds like an issue coaching could effect.

Did you notice the Eagles suffered from the same ‘penalty disease’ and ‘gifted’ the Lion’s an extra net ‘offence’ of 92 yards? Take away Stafford’s run for life stats and Detroit’s rushing yards was a meager 64 yards. New offensive formations were a welcome deviation.

Perhaps the league should consider ‘gift wins’ to replace the ‘tie’ category. Detroit: 1W-3L-1GW. But this would not have the same effect as always remembering the ‘one that got away’. Guaranteed, more ugly but standardized Detroit Lion’s manic outcomes to arrive on cue in future games.

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