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Don’t drink the ‘cool aid’.

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 10•14

Welcome to our 58th year of a ‘rebuilt’ Lions team. For all of you with short memories, a previous Lion’s team started the regular season 4-0. From there to the agonizing seasons’ end, we fans suffered delusion, frustration and self pity before finally recognizing we were suckered into just another Lion’s ongoing fable of pretending to be a legitimate contender.

How could you not be enthused about their Monday night performance? I’ll admit upfront, I missed the first half and the eight(8) penalties. Sound familiar? Let’s wait and see how well the boys do when the breaks seem to fall in the other direction.

Stafford looked and performed like version 2.0. His test will be when the pressure is really on and will he throw off his back foot and live and die by CJ’s performance. It’s “A long road to Tipperary” and we’ve been travelling it for far to long not to deserve a contender.

If not, we’ve always can look forward 60th anniversary of rebuilding.


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