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When inovations fails, resort to the tried and proven ways to lose.

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 24•13

You could see this one coming a mile away. Tampa misses two fiel goal attempts and Detroit fails to execute. How is it done you ask? Start with three interceptions, work in two funbles, a blocked field goal and lastly commit ‘stupid’ penalities on critical downs to give the other team a fighting chance.

The Lion’s talent may have changed but the results are the same. Also, soneone please, a coach perhaps, explain to R. Bush ‘north/sout’ running. Stopping forward momentumn make you a sure tackle for the defense. He is a good running back but does not have Barry Sander’s ability to come to a complete stanstill and change directions effectively.

How is it that Tampa’s ‘wounded’ secondary held most to the Lion’s receivers in check? How about some time we try a wide open pass game and save the ‘up the middle stuff’ for another day. Never fear, there is more Lion’s heatbreak coming down the road.

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