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Do you Believe? –not yet!!

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 22•22

Welcome to a road well traveled on our 65yr of rebuilding. Sunday’s game with the Washington ‘whatevers’ was entertaining to say the least. One can ask did the defence fall asleep in the second half or did Washington’s half time adjustment make the difference. This game should have never been in doubt.

A few more games with opponents in our division will tell the tail. Goff seemed to gain confidence in his receivers during the first half. The Lion’s offensive line opened up running lanes that Swift and Williams took full advantage of. However, the defence conceded 396 yards to the opposing team. Allowing this concession to any team with championship aspirations is a death knell for our 65yr of rebuilding.

In summary, as opposed to other rebuilding seasons, we’re at ‘wait and see’ status.

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