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Good, bad and still ugly

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 14•22

Welcome to our 65th year of rebuilding. Nothing says progress or lack thereof, like Sunday’s game against the Eagles. The ‘Good’ may be the potential for a running game which must be shown to have some durability and “legs” into the depth of a season.

The ‘Bad’ is scoring 35 points and not winning. No participation ‘win’ ribbons awarded in the NFL.

Choosing the ‘Ugly’ is not a herculean task compliments of the Detroit Lions. Giving up 450+ yards of offence to the opposing team makes an oxymoron travesty of describing the Lion’s defensive effort. Allowing a QB to be the second leading rusher with almost 100 yards is by definition a school yard defensive performance. And loss of self control after a play is over is extremely disturbing and self destructive to the entire team.

In light of the seasons’ first classical Lion’s debut, I would like to offer a supplication.

“To whom it may concern”

“We loyal and oft described as daft Lion’s fans here do ask for dispensation from past transgressions based upon our steadfast loyalty during the prior 64 years of rebuilding. We humbly apologize for the wasting of great football talents over the entire 64 years of rebuilding. We ask for relief from those ‘demons’ who have haunted and entrenched themselves within the ranks of coaches and team management.

Our sorrows are many and the elders lingering in the fan base fervently desire to see a resurrection of our beloved Lions to a status of respectability reflecting the legends of 64 years ago.”

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