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Another year, another bust

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 11•22

Well gentle Lion’s fans, we endured another illustrative season of professional football as defined by the Detroit Lions.

Let’s begin with a brief summary of the last three games of the season.

Detroit at Atlanta: Another valiant effort with a predictable ending. Effort but no cigar.

Detroit at Seattle: Annihilation by any definition. So sad so sorry

Green Bay at Detroit: Theater by any interpretation. Great next season try-outs.

As we slink into the 65th year of rebuilding we’re supposed to relish fanciful outcomes from a bevy of early round draft picks. Where to start. How about a competent defensive secondary, consistent functional offensive line and more credible results without the ‘hope and change’ mantra. As Joe Friday said, ” Just the facts mam”. And, in the near future a better QB. Average is not going to cut it.

As noted previously, several other NFL teams have descended to the Lion’s depth of ruin and been resurrected to winner status. Time and tide wait for no man and Lion’s fans will not remain bonded forever. Maybe that’s the obvious pending wake up call.

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