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Ghost of Stafford past is alive

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 06•21

The Viking’s game started like so many with the inevitable outcome preordained. Build an early lead and then fold during the the stretch run for another valiant effort loss.

However, the sainted spirits of Ford field finally had enough of this scenario. With less than two minutes the Lion’s cast of ‘outcasts’ underwent a transmogrification of bodies possessed by heroes of yesteryear.

Goff threw ‘bullet’ passes, receivers ‘glue fingered’ pass catches and executed runs after catch just like in the play book. Meanwhile, Vikings clung to the cherished totem of ‘prevent defense’ and reaped the rewarding stigma of losing to the Detroit Lions who were unceasingly mocked on Minnesota radio stations live broadcasting the game.

Marvinudy knows this due to the broadcast blackout of Detroit stations, he listened to the game, via internet, of a local Minneapolis station. Somewhere back in time a famous philosopher said, “The mill of the gods grind slow but exceeding small”. If something as mundane as ‘football porn’ exists it is on, season 13, Lions/Vikings game.

Knowing this was only a point in time, it up to coach Campbell to capture what ever ‘chemistry’ this scrambled cast of Lion’s put together as a foundation for the rest of the season. Welcome to the official start of our 65th year of rebuilding.

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