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The ‘fat lady’ phones it in!

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 18•20

Well here we are again. After 62 years of practice, the ‘fat lady’ has the script down pat. Start with high expectations followed by mediocre results. Add in a few dramatic moments of coaching changes with predictable let downs from ‘coulda/shoulda’ moments wrapped around key injuries and initial signals of twilight from an exceptional athletic talent. It’s called the “Detroit Lion’s Way” and registered and patented as a trademark of the franchise. Yes, three more games still remain but ‘blah’ is the order of the day.

Against Green Bay the score only reflects Green Bays sloppy execution during the second half otherwise it is a ‘blowout’. Anyone remember when Cleveland went 0-16? See any of their performances this year? What is Detroit missing?

Sixty three years is a long time for a “rerun” program and some di-hard fans are nearing ‘expiration dates’. So as one of the di-hards, please pick up the pace during our 64th year of rebuilding.

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