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Into the season’s sunset

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 12•19

Here we are at the ‘exit’ door of another season. No emergency sign above the door, just a portal into the ally way of NFL wanna bees. No surprise that Stafford finally succumbed to a critical injury considering the ‘beating’ he has had to endure. This scenario is, with apologies to L. Carroll’s Christmas Story, a Detroit Lion’s version. Except Lion’s past, present and future are always the same.

For us that managed to stomach the entire Bear’s game, this exemplifies what the rest of the season beholds. Adult beverage bar analogy alert. Even with ‘beer googles’ on, this game was two substandard teams struggling to the 2:00 am closing time.

J. Driskel probably will ‘settle down’ and have accuracy improve as ‘reps’ ramp up and some level of comfort develops. Against the Bears his ‘high’ throws on occasion were obvious but ‘drops’ by the receivers were not helpful. Even though the Lions ran more plays, generated more 1st downs and more total yardage they managed to lose. And, the ole penalties at critical moments were still alive and well.

Get ready for the ‘pie in the sky’ forecasts around our 64 year of rebuilding.

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