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Bad juju or Deja vu?

Written By: marvinudy - Oct• 02•19

Last Sunday’s game with Kansas City elicited an eerie feeling of ghosts of seasons past. Several ‘Ray Charles’ non penalty calls were extraordinary and all went against the Lions. Someone needs to point out where Golladay did not have control of the ball when he broke the ‘plane’ of the end zone. Is this another version of the ‘Calvin Johnson’ rule?

In the end, the Lion’s ‘prevent’ defense allowed the Chiefs to march down the field to win the game. This series and the games earlier failure to stop the Chiefs on the 4th down situation tell you the Lion’s defense still is ‘lacking’. Do the stats really show that ‘rushing’ three linemen against a ‘good’ QB is a successful strategy?

Yes this is ‘second guessing’ but history from 62 years of rebuilding buttress fans’s disillusionment. It’s going to be a yo-yo season so keep your blood pressure medication prescriptions activated.

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