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Lion’s playoff chances: “DNR”

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 04•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,

As a fortuitous act of mercy I only watched or listened to part of the Lion’s game against the Ravens. Can we now get off all the “losers’ blather” and get on with our 60th year of rebuilding. Looking at the game stats and one wonders how the final score could be so lopsided. Always the answer is of the: coulda, woulda and shuda litany from a Chinese menu of excuses. We’re to far into the season for those alibis. Execution is a two sided coin; players and coaches. Time to produce or move on.

Even die hard Lion’s fans like myself are approaching our patience’s limit akin to other fans expressing distaste over the insidious ‘political correctness’ BS infecting the core of NFL football. Ignoring disappointment and/or sensibilities of the fan base is a slippery slope. May God help us if soccer and cricket become our favorite national pastime.

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