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Playing with the ‘big boys’.

Written By: marvinudy - Sep• 25•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Good game to watch but histrionically based Lion’s finish. Thanks to the defense for making the game closer than the score indicated. However, giving up 400 yards of offence is not dominance by any definition. Prater’s four field goals attest to an inability to ‘cash in’ on opportunities. Third down conversion efficiency slumped back to unacceptable. Definitely a fatal flaw in your rushing game when your franchise quarterback is 27% of your rushing yards.

Maybe I missed something but the short passing game seem to be succeeding early by design or Atlanta’s disdain to defend was abandoned after some measure of success. Oh yes, least we forget, ‘brick hands’ Ebron returned to true form. Still to many penalties even though they were almost even up with Atlanta.

And yes the final play review may have been questionable but the rules on clock management were implemented as written. One could question whether the ball crossed the front plane edge of the goal line maker vs the back plane line marker before his kneed touched the ground. Setting that aside, offensive execution on other scoring opportunities would have made the last play a mute point.

Bottom line is this season should be way better than last year but probably not good enough to cause jubilation.

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