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Sheriff Rodgers runs Lions into the twilight zone of wild card games

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 02•17

Gentle Lion’s fans,

The wooden stake or silver bullet, take your pick, materialized when M. Prater missed the seemingly routine field goal. As an added bonus A. Rodgers ran for yardage when it counted. Green Bay doubled Detroit’s running effort and had 50% more time of possession.

It seemed that Stafford was just slightly off due to the ‘finger thing’ or the receivers were well blanketed by Green Bay’s pass defense. Lion’s pass defenders consistently were ‘chasing’ Packer’s receivers not aware of the thrown ball’s position.

Coach, please discourage the practice of trying to ‘arm tackle’ big running backs moving with a full head of steam. Also tackle the pass receiver before the first down marker instead of ‘riding’ them down after the marker.

Seattle should be an interesting game. Two ‘wounded ducks’ just trying to postpone the inevitable.

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