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Lost but maybe not all?

Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 27•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Cowboy’s talent overcame Lion’s grit. However, if Green Bay doesn’t bring their top “A” game next week the Lions are NFC central champs.

Based on watching the Packers playing the Bears, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an opening salvo with full out passing schemes by the Lions. Send everybody. Let Stafford choose a few easy ones and then ‘sneak’ in some runs. On defense, ‘blitz’ and more ‘blitz’. This is no time to play ‘not to lose’. Times up!

Note to all the pass receivers, including ‘brick hands’ Ebron, Holding on to the pass is part of the job description. Ball carriers, north-south is the preferred direction. Let’s hope Zenner is over the ‘fumbleites’ virus. Up the middle power runs at the goal line don’t cut it consistently for the Lions.

Get Stafford into a rhythm and the final score will reflect accordingly. Time for all the pieces of the puzzle to coalesce.

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