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Written By: marvinudy - Dec• 18•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

The blog was down last week do to a death in our extended family. My nephew succumbed after a long struggle with a fearsome malady and taken from this earth well before his expected time. Our hearts are heavy with the loss of a Colt’s fan and Lion’s blog reader.

Sundays’ game with the Giants was sealed when Zenner fumbled into the end zone with the Giants getting a touch-back. The Giant’s pass defense made life miserable for Stafford as exhibited by his completion statistics. Stafford’s ‘finger’ issue probably had little to do with the outcome. As seen in previous games the Lion’s run game was miserable to non existent. Sounding like a ‘stuck’ record, field goal victories do not propel you very far into the playoff schedule even if you manage to ‘back in’.

Giant’s punter, B. Wing was exceptionally effective. Twice he ‘stuck’ the Lions to start inside the five yard line. Also, would someone please tell the Lion’s punt returners that north-south is the way to the opponents goal line.

Our final two games have a low probability of favorable outcomes.

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