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Hell endures lowest temperature on record!

Written By: marvinudy - Nov• 24•16

Gentle Lion’s fans,

Yes it’s true. Our beloved Lions are in first place of the NFL-north division and Hell’s climate is flirting with record cold temperatures.

This was not a game to stash away in memories of glory but one that should be excepted as is and a win. Stafford had a less than expected performance. Blitzes by the Vikings made life tough for him. Was it him, the offensive line or the Vikings? The remaining schedule opponents will take note and act accordingly.

Lack of consistency from half to half, start to middle or middle to end are required for a team to move past the first round of a playoff schedule. The Lion’s are not there yet. Adjustments and ‘fixes’ are square on the shoulders of the coaching staff. Either put all the pieces together or watch the rest of the season become rancorous and bitter. We need concrete evidence by way of consistent performance proving that the light at our tunnels’ end is truly daylight.

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