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End of another ‘maybe this it year’.

Written By: marvinudy - Jan• 04•15

Well, the boys got beat.  In the end our defence could not hold Dallas for the entire game.  Our pass coverage in the middle of the field was our Achilles heel.  We can debate the absolute terrible reversed pass interference call that changed the entire momentum late in the game but that goes into the ‘breaks of the game” category.  Errors by our special teams unit did effect the game’s outcome.  An atrocious punt late in the game, decision early on to run a kick-off out of the end zone into good coverage and ongoing sloppy open field tackling were a few notable uncalled for errors.  Will no one ever learn that arm tackling a huge tight end under a full head of steam is not going to work?

Since television coverage did not show down field coverage of C. Johnson, it’s not fair to critique the lack of ‘deep’ throws to loosen up the pass rush.  But, the ‘oldie but goodies’ critically timed penalty deserves honourable mention especially when it gives another set of downs at the goal line.  Mistakes are the gifts that results in losses.

So now we drift off into the winter doldrums dreaming of what can be in our 58th year of rebuilding.  Can you hear Bobby Lane still chuckling?


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